Support autonomous yard maneuvering with camera-based positioning

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Organizing on-site movement of the vehicles is an underlying problem of logistics centers. Typically, a vehicle can stay up to half an hour in the logistic center; otherwise the permeability of the yard becomes limited. There are some additional problems like the movement of drivers or the granting of their protective equipment.

One solution of the above problem is the autonomous on-site movement of the vehicles in accordance with current industry trends. Due to the closed nature of logistics centers, their rules can be adapted to the requirements of autonomous vehicles and their infrastructure can be cost-effectively upgraded to meet the needs of the task.

The site endowments may limit the accuracy of satellite positioning, therefore it is appropriate to develop an alternative system which can check the accuracy or even capable to locate the vehicle. On-board cameras are presented on today's trucks, so the usage of these cameras is an obvious and cost-effective solution of the current task.

This thesis is about the implementation process and inquiry of a camera-based positioning system. It starts with an overview of the usable techniques and tools. After going through the potential technologies and examining their advantages and disadvantages, the final system will be presented. The next part is about the selected methods possibilities and limits. Finally, the thesis shows some potential further development opportunities.


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