Statistical analysis of genetics factors in hereditary breast cancer

OData support
Dr. Antal Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Researches of genetic factors are always in progress all over the world. Thanks to those studies more accurate functional and predictive models of the formation and progression of various neoplastic diseases are published.

Spreading the models actually used is a steady job in the medical researches as well as in measurement studies. One of the branches is temporal spreading these models which adjust to the needs of extended genetic guidance and nursing. The other direction targets the exploration of other genetic factors, and to define epigenetic modulations that takes part in the modification of the effect of already known genetic factors.

Our goal is learning about basic genetics and hereditary factors taking part in the formation and progression of the breast and ovarian cancers. It was inevitable to learn the rare variants, models, method of variant maceration, statistical opportunities which are often used in genetical researches for fully understand the topic. The main goal is to preparation of standard analyzes and interpretation of the results.


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