BOOKTERA: Online book exchange application on MVC4 platform

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My aim was to create a modern website in a modern framework when I chose this theme as my thesis’s topic. I tried to increment the user’s experience by applying client side technologies (JavaScript, jQuery) and by interactivity. I chose ASP.NET MVC 4 from the server side technologies; this was the newest version of this framework when I started to write my thesis.

This website will not be used in a real environment, but I tried to form it right from the planning to be marketable; and to correspond to the question of recycling which is more and more conspicuous nowadays, by selling/exchanging existing books; but it does not forget about the production either: the site tries to entice authors/publishers to use it by offering discounts

Hereinafter I delineate the structure of my thesis. In the “Technological review” chapter I mention the technologies I used; first of all the novelties, because the 1.0 version of them has been in the market for long time. In the “Requirements” chapter I will do requirement analysis with the eye of the user, dividing the functions of the site to three large groups (list, transaction, profile). After that, in the “Analysis, planning” chapter I analyze first in detail all the functions in the aspect of entirety and consistency; then I delineate the main steps of the designing of the database. The chapter “Execution” is the detailed presentation of the implementation in a screenplay, with screenshots from the site and examples from the source code. Finally in the “Summary” chapter I rate, how it succeeded in achieving the goals set up in the beginning, how much I have learned during the process of the development; and I mention my future update plans as well.


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