Developing an embedded onboard diagnostic system using ARM platform

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

An On-Board Diagnostic system of an automobile is capable to store and transmit the occoured malfunction through an interface. It monitors emission related systems primary. Nowadays, On-Board Diagnostics developed through the years, so the amount of the available informations grew really fast and as a result of the standardization, the usage of the On-Board Diagnostics became easy thanks to the universal diagnostic tools.

The topic of this thesis also try to make use of this uniformization. The object of this semester was to create a simple embedded on-board application which can be a good base to further development.

In the first section of the thesis I give additional information of the selected topic, summarize the task and share some general information of embedded systems.

The second part is about gathering knowledge. I describe and analyze the On-Board Diagnostics systems and I give some own thoughts.

The third part of the thesis contains the designing of the system, I show the hardware environment, then I discuss the way I selected the components of the system, and a block diagram is also shown in this section.

In the next part, the focus is ont he realization of both the hardware and the software. I share my experiences of the first steps, then I give a description of the software components and development.

Finally I estimate the finished application and I summarize further potentials of my system.


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