Modeling of Embedded System Based Smart Farm

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Bányász Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

If we look around us everything has the word „smart”. Smart watches, smart phones even smart houses appeared, But what does this really mean?

The world is changing and advanced technology sneaks into our everyday life. We need to keep up with new improvements otherwise we will lag behind. „Smart” may stand for to help us improving.

As my thesis I’ve created a hardware and software model of an embedded system that helps to fulfil everyday work on a farm. As part of precision agriculture smart farm deals with the concept of using technology on lands and in agriculture. As smart also involves automation, in this way farm workers can deal with more important things, which require human-skills.

Through this work a Linux-based embedded system with attached sensors is introduced to control and automate the processes on a farm. In the first part of the thesis I present the software and hardware components that were used for implementation. In the second part of the thesis I put the realization of the developed automation methods in perspective.

A web application was developed in order to observe the output of the processes and begin an interaction if needed. This documentation put emphasis on detailed command set to make the task easily reproducible.


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