Access control microcontroller system development

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Different methods of identification have long time been part of our daily life, even if we do not frequently recognize them. Up to the present days we reached from simple barcode system to the most up to date radio frequency, encrypted digital identification that we can use for testing authority, stock-taking of goods, trailing their transportation, but at the same time we can observe changes of our nature (identification of animals) or for finding location as well. No wonder a lot of people are engaged in this task, and a great many people have been long looking for newer, more reliable and more secure technologies. The object has still novelties today.

I aimed my design as a simple system suitable for identification with radio frequency. The first part of the task was the conceptual design of the system. This time were formed functional specifications of different units of the system. This was followed by the selection and study of the suitable parts on the basis of manufacturer documentations and by knowledge of experienced engineers. After conception it was followed with the help of Altium Designer, a computer aided development system, designing tasks necessary for manufacturing hardware. Parts of the printed circuits made on the basis of design were surface mounted at home. The necessary software system was designed with Atollic Truestudio system.

In the course of making my task I had the opportunity to learn a lot about new methods and electronic devices, by the end of my work instead of feeling accomplishment rather it remained the thought of a vast number of possibilities of keeping on developing applications and methods.


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