Development of an insurance broker portal on IBM WebSphere platform

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With the spread of the internet around the globe, more and more people require continuous information supply especially in the field of business where a lot of money is at stake. Web based portals are particularly designed for this kind of job as they acquire a lot of information from different sources and with many different useful services they represent them in a friendly environment to the end user. Most of the time, such portals arrive in a ready to deploy state to the customer however there is almost always a need for more customization and further developments in form of portlets.

During my thesis I had the chance, thanks to Etalon-Informatika Kft., to work with one of the most widespread portal system in the field of IT business, namely the IBM Websphere Portal.

My task was to develop a broker portal for an arbitrary insurance company which provides a communication platform to the management towards the employees and makes it possible for the latter ones to access important data or files which are needed for their work in a simple and effective form.

During the development my work was based on the Java EE, portal and portlet technology. The administration and user surfaces are quite heavily separated from each other resulting in portlets which publish news or documents in a well organized form. To increase the effectiveness a separate index server, namely the Apache Solr was needed.

In the first part of my thesis I demonstrate the Java and IBM technologies which were used. Carrying-on I explain the required configuration and planning steps. After that I end my dissertation with the demonstration of the implementation end testing phase.


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