Realisation of Bluetooth IO-Link Master

OData support
Dr. Tevesz Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The objective of my thesis work was to develop a tool that makes it easy to set up and service the IO-Link devices via Bluetooth interface. The aim of my thesis is to optimize a previous prototype hardware design. I have to specify the PCB design, the finalization of the embedded software and the smart device running Android applications as well as the appearance of the mechanical preparation of the plans.

In the literature review I present the IO-Link communication protocol, the data types, and the physical implementations. Subsequently I look through the Bluetooth protocol and enhancements of this protocol. I submit the most important properties of the microcontrollers that I used in the hardware design, both physically and architectural context. After that I introduce the RN42 Bluetooth module. For the first time I review the schematic block diagram form, than I analyze the the individual components of the complete schematic.

Furthermore one of my tasks was to design printed circuit boards. I present PCB design step by step, than I show the finished printed circuit board.

At the end of the thesis I describe the embedded software, which is ready to operate, and I also present the porting of the software implementation.

In the Annex I detail the Bluetooth communication protocol, and give all of the wiring diagrams.

The end of paper summarize the achievements, and I discuss further development opportunities.


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