Bluetooth data collecting on Android platform applying test driven development methodologies

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In recent years there has been a steady growth on the Android operating system running mobile phone market. At the same time, the demand for well-functioning applications, which have been continuously developing, has also increased. Many applications can be completely independent, there is no need for external servers or other systems for completing their tasks. The resources of phones and tablets are widely available, so they can perform computing and storage-intensive tasks.

In my thesis I develop a software module using test driven development methodology. First I explain the methodology itself and other related software design and integration methods. Then I examine the existing solutions supporting the methodology and the functions they have. In addition, I do a smaller research of solutions for each task, I examine their functionality and determine how I will use them in my thesis. Based on the information gathered I plan the Bluetooth control module and the test applications used in the integration with other applications. Then I implement the applications based on the plans, using the test support tools. After that I summarize my development experience, including how each tool can support the application of the methodology. Finally I indicate the opportunities for further development of the applications made.

The softwares will be based on Bluetooth communications module. I will develop them in Java that runs on Google Android devices. The Bluetooth module is capable of emulating serial port communication so data can be easily transmitted through it. First I test it within the Vehicle ICT project for reading data from a new device, then in a completely independent character recognition software, which can transmit the scanned text to the joined devices.


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