Developing bluetooth module for automotive application

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Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The electronic parking systems are basic devices in cars nowadays. There are a lot of types of them ranging from the simplest beeping ones through the more sophisticated ones with displays to the systems which enable the car to park itself automatically.

The name of the current system of Bosch is URF7, which is a four channel ultrasonic parking system containing an ECU, the cable harness and a warn element capable of giving sound and light feedback depending on the distance of the approaching object.

There were two main motivation for this task, on one hand we would like to develop the HMI of the system, on the other hand we would like to reduce the cost of the system by replacing the cable harness with a wireless technology. The most optimal way to reach these two goals is the introduction of Bluetooth to the system. Developing the HMI means in this case that we can use a communicational channel widespread among mobile communicational devices. Replacing the cable harness with a wireless technology means a reliable, interference resistant technology with Bluetooth.

In my thesis we walk through the relevant parts of the Bluetooth standard, then we get an overview of the market of Bluetooth ICs, we follow the steps of the hardware design and testing, we summarize the conclusions and we take an outlook at the further development possibilities.


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