Developing a CAN logger application

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the CAN bus displace most of the other communication protocols in the automotive industry, but it is used too in the industrial communication more frequently, because of it's good properties, robustness, and it's low cost. Therefore there is bigger request for such applications, that can monitor and analise CAN communication.

My thesis, is about developing a simple CAN logger application for Windows platform, which uses the WeCAN USB device developed by the Inventure kft. connecting to the network.

The first part is about the CAN communication, basic informations about the CAN protocol, and then I summarize required informations about the development platform. I mainly summarized those parts, which I used for the developing.

Then, I present the specification, system design, structure (also the graphical structure) of the application, and the development principles, used in the application.

In the last part of my thesis, I present several applications, developed by different firms, and I point at some outline about the development possibilities.


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