Development of Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express administration interface using thin-client technology

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Moldován István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, communication has various forms. In many cases it is irremissible to this communication realize in the simplest form and to the information get through quickly from the source to the other part of the information channel. In business environment the agility of the information exchange from economic aspects is essential, in many cases a customer’s satisfaction depends on it and through the employee’s higher utilization the profit can increase.

In focus of small company environment it can mean a big advantage if the computer or the telephone network has a central structure. Considering the network solutions of Cisco, the two networks don’t separate significantly, because they have instruments, which have routing and telephone-center functions, they are routers and PBXs too.

In Voice over Internet Protocol we don’t need traditional telephone network (PSTN), the sound, data and video streams’ transmission is realized on broadband internet. Such a specifically for small companies device with telephone-center function is the Cisco UC520 product.

One disadvantage next to the lot of advantages is that the end-users with IP phone can just on a limited level modify their own phones’ settings through the web surface of the UC520 (because a Cisco brand phone has more functions than an analog device). With administrator privilegs the configurability naturally wider, but in a small company we can’t consider everybody this level’s user.

The theme of my thesis is the realization of an administration application with thin client technology, facilitating the end-users with this to make their own phones more personal. The necessary software for this is based on Java programming, introducing the author of the document to the mysteries of this language, the VoIP and the complex world of Cisco products. Before the planning and development I have studied significantly the technological background of VoIP, the device UC520, and its software (Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express) and the necessary realization of administration system the lot of Java class-libraries which are allowing the communication with CUCME, which can be found in UCXSI SDK. Finally, due to the technology of JavaServer Pages (JSP) the implemented administration surface is available as dynamic websites, so thanks to this platform’s independence it is implementable to any operation system.


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