Examining cross-platform mobile solutions through the development of a specific application

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays lots of people can’t imagine life without smartphones. In recent times the need for mobile applications are greater than ever, so new methods must be used to reduce development time and costs while aiming for a much wider target audience. One solution to this problem can be cross-platform mobile development, with which the same code can be used for multiple platforms. This is a favourable solution for both individual developers, smaller and even bigger companies because fewer programmer with less knowledge can produce applications for more people.

In my thesis first I describe different mobile development methods. Then, I compare some cross-platform solutions and choose one of them, with which I develop a standalone application. I specify a plan for the application and describe the reasons for the decision. Then, I present the user interface of the finished application and all of the necessary knowledge for creating it. After that, I describe the behaviour of the application and discuss the important functions and solutions I implemented. I describe the chosen cross-platform method’s features and explain a popular developing process. I present how I store the information on the online database and how I manage it from the application. Then, I detail the operation of the key feature of my application. I describe a widely used package which causes several obstacles in many cases, as well as a solution I used for an occurrence of this. Finally, I mention future plans I have for the application, based on my own experience and the testers’ feedback.


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