Modeling and control of a heating system of family houses

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the improvement of heating systems are getting really serious. The spreading of solar collectors, heat pumps and ground heat exchangers are continuously rising. Beside that, the optimal control of heating systems is becoming more and more important. The source of optimal use is the correct modeling of heating devices inside and outside of the house, implementation and integration in simulation enviroment.

In my thesis I created an enviroment with the help of Matlab Simulink. The enviroment is capable of reading the parameters of a family house as an input from an Excel file and build the model of the house. After the model is created different equipements can be connected to the building. With the help of theese equipments it is possible to simulate the effects of solar collectors, heat pumps, ground heat exchangers, water tanks, swimming pools and inner heat exchangers. Every heat exchanger is taken into account as well trough doors, windows and walls.

With the generated model every part of the heating process can be monitored and the temperature of the rooms can be seen in the form of a heat map. With the help of the heat map, the temperature of any point can be monitored int he 3D space.

In the first part of my thesis I will give detailed information about every previously mentioned part of the system. The specifiaction will cover not only mathematical but simulational and working aspects too. The verification of the modules is performed with simulation tests.

In the last part of my thesis I build and simulate more complete systems. I will create a fuzzy controller to the last system, which is able to give an acceptable control.


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