Connector placement using robots in production lines

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The problem needed to be solved is to create such system that is capable of joining connector pairs eliminating human labour in a production environment.

Throughout my thesis I will be describing the computer program created in Labview that acquires the location of the connector piece’s pair held by the end effector of a robot. By the means of machine vision the acquisition of the position and orientation of said connector is to be considered a 2 dimensional problem. I will also be enlightening the means of data transfer of variables between the controller unit of the robot and the Labview environment.

Furthermore I will be revealing the program of the Mitsubishi RV-2FQ vertical robotic arm utilising compliance control and Modbus communication protocol with the PC from which environmental data are collected for the insertion of the connectors.

In addition I will present a sample board aimed to demonstrate the operation of the system and the tools meant to fasten such panel in order for it to be able to mechanically interact with the robot.

To conclude I will contrast the results with the expectations, and briefly brainstorm some options for future development.


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