Usage of devices supporting DALI protocol in indoor lighting control systems

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the usage of DALI (Digital Lighting Interface) has become very popular within the lighting industry, which can be used for control a lighting system centrally that includes illuminators and sensors.

The LLC (Local Lighting System) is an indoor lighting controller, which provides control of the signals of dimmers, photometric sensors and LED drivers. By developing the system with DALI protocol we can multiply the number of the participants in the control, substantially reduce the required amount of the cable during the installation and improve the system with new control functions. This thesis is about creating an additional unit of this kind.

First of all, I review the functions and build-up of the LLC’s control system, the procedure of the control algorithm and the realisation of the software. This follows the thorough description of the DALI protocol, which is the basis for the developed hardware and software.

By right of the concept I detail the implemented hardware and the main functions of the parts. I introduce the software description of chosen microcontroller (LPC1343) touching upon the evolving of the DALI protocol and the I2C connection. Lastly I review the modifications of the LLC software, the test results of the configured system and the developmental possibilities.


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