Design of a DSP controlled universal power supply

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Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays switching power supplies become more and more widespread. Our electronics devices have different operational voltages and current consumptions. In my thesis I present a universal power supply with variable output voltage and current, what can provide power for different devices as a result of its adjustable parameters.

I made three different printed circuit boards and in my thesis I describe the design of these modules step by step. First I designed a microcontroller based controlled DC/DC converter, which is responsible for the output with the adjustable voltage and current. Then I integrated the embedded system with a voltage rectifier printed circuit board and a display module.

At the first sections of my thesis with the schematics I explain the parts selected for the DC/DC converter and the operation of the circuits in details. I particularly describe the design of the inductor. After the description of the hardware I describe the operation of the embedded software design for this hardware. Besides I also describe my design considerations of the voltage rectifier and the display module.

The last section is my conclusion of this theses and a picture of the power supply.


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