Szimulation of deformable bodies

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Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In our days computer graphics gets more and more important with every day, in every way of the life. It is a great expectation from the computer graphics to render more and more realistic way of the world surrounds us or its required piece. Although to achieve this, in most cases it is necessary to use physical simulation, not only for rigid bodies, but for deformable objects too. This is needed, because in the real life there isn’t any rigid bodies, every material is deformable in some way. However, simulating deformable bodies need a lot more resources, than simulating rigid bodies.

The aim of my thesis is to provide an entire and comprehensive picture of the possibilities of the physical simulation of deformable bodies. In my thesis I place great emphasis on the mass-spring systems based simulation, examine its possibilities, and make conclusions by comparing them in different aspects. In addition, I will render the given simulations, and results using the Direct3D graphical framework.


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