Diagnostic module development for Formula Student project

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The BME Formula Racing Team (FRT) was established in Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The FRT has been participated in the international Formula Student tournament since 2007. The essence of the Formula Student tournament is that the undergraduates and college students design and create racing cars. In my dissertation I created a diagnostic development into the electric car (FREC - 03) based on CAN communication system.

The controllers of the racing car were built in places which are difficult to reach. We can reach the controllers only if we disassembel the car. It was an unpleasant task to replace the software of controllers, because we had to get out the controllers from the car. We could not walk out connectors and use the original interfaces to update the softwares, because it would increase the costs. We needed a new and cost effecient way to update the software of the controllers.

I achieved diagnostic communication throught the CAN bus. The diagnostic protocol support to monitor certian parameters, modify parameters or even replace the entire software. In my dissertation I used CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP) for diagnostic. I utilized the opportunities for applied CCP diagnostic protocol, and prepared a diagnostic program. It enables to read out values of parameters underway. For software update I developed a bootloader program for the controllers. The bootloader manage the software update and implement the CCP protocol. PC program is necessary for the totality of the operation of the system which can upload the application to the controllers.


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