Signal analysis and processing software for stored measurement data of digital oscilloscopes

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

This thesis documents the creation of a software that makes the signal analysis far away from the place of the measured system easier. It gives detailed information about beginning with oscilloscopes, through signal processing, measuring and possible problems to implementation.

I used two programming language to create this software with graphical user interface, which is portable and easy-to-install: the GUI was developed in Delphi and the signal analysis part of the software was written in Matlab script. The gap between the two languages was linked by DLL files. The following subjects are expounded: compiling DLL files for Delphi from Matlab script, importing methods of these Dinamic Link Libraries, and their usage in Delphi. Detailed information can be found about the implemented Matlab functions, the measured parameters, the compiling command of each function, the proper usage of these DLL's and about the whole Delpni project. Finally in property of all the gathered information and experience I made suggestions on develope the software further, and I mention some alternatives too.


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