Dimensionality Reduction Methods for Indoor Positioning

OData support
Nagy István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, the term ,,WiFi network''is a well-known expression for most of us. Eversince they appeared in 1997, wireless networks have been very popular both in our homes and for enterprises. The primary application of wireless networks have always been providing users with wireless Internet access, however, other services, also based on this technology, have appeared recently.

As a direct consequence of issues related to the management of wireless network, and the appearance of location based services based on such networks, the need to be able to locate wireless access points within a building has emerged.

With the mapping of the access points we are able to develop a positioning service in an environment, where the exact infrastructure is unknown.

My task was to get familiar with two mathematical method and then do a research for using in indoor positioning. The mathematical algorithms are originally used for representing differences between objects, but at a properly applying, they can be able to find access points inside buildings. I have also tested the created models on a real data set, based on the results, I could decide, how suitable they are for positioning.


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