Rendering Fractal Geometries with DirectCompute

OData support
Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Complex geometries appearing in nature, like those of terrain or vegetation are challenging to model and render in real-time using incremental image synthesis. A method called KRS – Kernel Reflection Sequences proposed by Dr. László Szécsi, describes an efficient way to model and render such geometries.

In my thesis I elaborate on the further development of the KRS rendering algorithm, and the implementation of various additional features. First I describe the hardware and software environment, including both the Direct3D 11 and DirecCompute 5.0 API. Next I examine the process of modelling and rendering KRS geometries, then I expand on the details of the rendering method’s further optimization. Next I examine the implementation of numerous visual effects possible using the KRS renderer. I demonstrate the features via an underwater scenery built using KRS geometries.

Finally I compare the achieved results with the incremental image synthesis, and discuss the further extension possibilities.


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