Investigation of backup mechanisms

OData support
Dr. Sonkoly Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The important part of IT systems of business concern is data backup. In case of banks the saving process – following the national standards – uses their own code. The IT system of banks manages savings with simultaneously running servers. The condition of the daily course of business is the continuous backup to the servers.

The previously mentioned method is the same at the bank where I did my thesis. The data of course of business is exported on streamers. These data cassettes are stored on a different location. The data recovery from these cassettes is difficult and takes long. Their pretension was a faster and central data recovery system where data can be saved from the servers.

In my thesis considering the banks central backup system I designed the secondary saving structure where the data is stored on a storage server. I reviewed the related literature and I studied the current saving system. I charted the pros and cons of current saving system and depending on these I created my own saving process to the storage server.

For modeling the servers of the bank I created a test network. In this test network I analyzed the different backup types and settings possibilities with several tests. After evaluating the results I made a suggest for configuring the storage server and for the backup types.


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