Optical extender fo Display Port

OData support
Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My task was to design an optical transmitter – receiver extender pair to extend DispayPort connection for up to several kilometers by using optical fiber. DisplayPort is one of the newest Digital audio-video interface standard. The goal was to develop a transmitter receiver pair which enables transparent connection between the source and the display. The distance between the source and the display can be raised up to several kilometers without any loss of quality even when transmitting maximum resolution video stream. My task was to encode the DisplayPort’s auxiliary bi-directional control channel and other control and administrative lines into one transmitting and one reveiving data line. At the remote end the task is to decode and interpret the encoded data-stream, and reproduce the DisplayPort signals. Are these tasks are accomplished by using an FPGA chip. The extender’s transmitter and receiver component is connected to each other only by one multimode optical fiber, all the lines of DisplayPort interface is transmitted over this single cable. The extender was developed to support all the features of Dual-mode DisplayPort 1.1a standard. The device supports the attachment of cable adaptors on the display side, so it’s capable of being used with DVI or HDMI input displays. In the case of using the extender pair with a cable adaptor, the source and the display communicates by using standard DVI or HDMI signals. The transmission of HDMI and DVI signals is also supported by the extedner.


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