Relief Generation and Rendering

OData support
Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

As technology is moving forward computer graphics are being used more frequently to produce locations and backgrounds to different industries, e.g. movies and games, since it is a cheaper, more reliable, faster method, and it may produce even better results compared to other outdated methods. In the years, generating terrain has improved a lot, but even today, the algorithms first developed to create virtual terrain are used as a base to almost every procedure.

In this paper I introduce two methods that are based on space discretion and two methods that are based on time discretion. These algorithms will be implemented on the GPU API (application program interface) of my choosing. I will also develop a library, which is capable of showing the algorithms working on the heightmap in real-time. Using this library, and the implemented algorithms, I also implement an application that can save the generated terrain for further use.

Finally I present the achieved results using the application, evaluate them and examine further possibilities of development.


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