Relief editing with 3D painting

OData support
Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In computer graphics it is a common method to add optical details to a 3D model without modifying the geometry of the object. Textures can be useable for this task, because we can modify not only the color, but other kinds of details of the model.

In usual terms there is a texture-map for a 3D model, which is used to determine which 2D points belongs to the actual points of the geometry in the three dimensional space. In a 2D image-editing application it is very difficult task to paint a texture that will be continual on the 3D surface, because for a complex mesh, this texture-map can be very complicated, and it is a hard task to paint through the seams.

As a solution for this problem, there are many softwares spreading in the industry, that help users to paint instantly to the 3D surface not knowing anything of the corresponding texture-map. This way it is much easier to paint the detail that we want, and see the result immediately.

In this thesis I will introduce a solution, where the user can paint displacement map on the surface of a 3D model with the mouse, and the software takes care about the seams of the texture. The application is made in Microsoft DirectX 11 envorinment.


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