Power supply of ESEO LMP onboard experiment

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Dr. Szabó József
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

For the topic of my thesis I chose the converter responsible for the energy supply of the LMP plasma diagnostic instrument on the ESEO satellite, which is currently under development.

After the introductory presentation I introduce the on-board and scientific requirements regarding the instrument. I survey the most frequently used types of secondary power supply layouts used on-board. I compare the various solutions by their favourable and detrimental features and by the parameters set up by the listed requirements and choose the most suitable type. Then I work out the electronic block diagram and detail the functional components.

Afterwards, I draw up the plans of the functional component’s circuit diagrams and I get into the details of the design considerations, especially the inductive components design. I build a model of the power supply circuit, revive it then set the parameters as the described requirements. To verify the design considerations I carry out measurements on the circuit model and evaluate the results. The monitoring is conducted in a prepared test environment. I build a dummy load to model the output load and I use a thermal chamber to examine the power supply’s performance at the specified extreme temperatures. Subsequent to the testing I present the potential for development and consider further thoughts.


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