Automatic UI Testing of Eclipse Applications

OData support
Dr. Ujhelyi Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

This thesis is intended to ease testing of the Eclipse user interface. User interface testing should be carried out by predefined user operations, after that the evaluation of the results are needed. There are several tools available for this purpose in a programming environment. These tools usually use low-level of abstraction, close to the developers. This low-level approach motivates my solution.

My goal is to provide a modeling environment that allows the description of the tested functionality and testing steps in a high-level, well-understood language. This intuitive, testing tool independent, describing language provides well readable test scenarios. In this environment the scenarios can be implemented with a few easy steps with the use of the developed intermediate layer and are easily integrated into existing programmed environments. The steps provided by this intermediate layer are implemented in it with a specific testing technology.

I begin the solution to the task with the introduction to the general concepts, targets and usual steps of testing. Then I describe the specific tools, technologies and methodologies involved.

During the creation of the new modeling environment I use the latest tools available and employ the behavior driven development methodology. The resulting environment, with the use of a tool called Jnario supports the documentation of the tested system, as it can generate parts of the documentation automatically, based on the test cases plain language description.

At the end of the diploma I demonstrate the new system and an existing user interface testing tool on a specific example, and finally closing it with the comparison of the two solutions.


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