Designing and realizing the control tasks of a food industry technological unit on the ABB System 800xA platform, using Profibus device integration.

OData support
Dr. Loványi István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Controlling the processes of a food industry technological unit is a very complex task, which challenges both the control system and the operator, maintainance staff. This leads to the ever-growing need of intelligent instruments and field equipment.

Intelligent equipment provide advanced communication and diagnostic functions. To use their full capabilities, an adequate communication channel is needed, which also has to be supported by the control systems.

Profibus-based communication systems are one of the most common solutions, as they have an operational history spanning through several decades, serving a multitude of systems, while their efficiency and longevity are ensured by standards. Furthermore, Profibus is capable of handling intelligent devices and offers an universal interface to the control systems built by different manufacturers.

In my thesis I discuss the structure of the Profibus network along with several intelligent field devices and how can these ease the work of the opeators while improving safety and efficiency. In addition, I demonstrate the steps of system realization in the System 800xA DCS, introducing the software and hardware I used.

I wrote my thesis at ABB Ltd, where I could gain insight to the work of a multinational company, and could also gain valuable experience.


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