HMI development for a custumized humidity meter frame

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the use of biomass as a potential source of energy is revalued. The biomass means materials, that are in the nature constantly reproductive organisations, that can be use for producing energy. The most common use of biomass is firing, the biomass is fired in biomass-firing blocks.

For the burning, an important parameter is the incoming organic materials humidity. In a Hungarian biomass power plant for measuring the humidity an individual humidity measuring frame will be integrated into the control and executing system.

The individual humidity measuring frame has an independent human-machine interface, and moreover it is integrated to the present virtualised SCADA system. The individual humidity measuring frames role is the previous examination of the incoming bales on the transport vehicle.

In my thesis the biomass-firing blocks fuel transport process will be described, as well as the integration of the new humidity measuring station to the system. I will also present the main components of the control and executing system, putting forward its SCADA elements. The thesis will describe the installed humidity measuring frames human-machine interfaces planning principles and the steps of realization. After this I will demonstrate the data linking with the PLC control system.


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