Development of a one DOF actuator tester device

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The testing of the industrial and commercial appliances is significant important in industry. The results of tests give us information about manufacturing process and determine developments in future. The testing machine what has been made by me is consummation to faciliate monitoring of manufactured machines on sustainable costs.

The tester machine is controlled with an OMRON CP1L PLC and first the results of testing and graphical user interface are displaying by a programmable terminal. Last but not least I has tried to do this graphical user interface with the LabVIEW software. Here I had to link PLC software with the LabVIEW therefore the state machine is implemented in ladder diagram in PLC till the graphical user interface is created in LabVIEW.

At the beginning of my thesis I present the construction of the instrument mentioning respects of mechanical engineering then outline the electrical parts of the built machine. The next step I submit operation of the PLC program what is the main essential of the device. In the end I give a description of graphical user interface that has been made by LabVIEW software.


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