Design of an electrochemical etching unit for neural electrode making

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Dr. Dülk Ivor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Through this thesis I would like to solve a real life problem to show my knowledge as an electrical engineer and provide solution to the problem. I choose a complex task that hard enough for me but also solvable at my level.

In this thesis I’m develop and build an electrical unit that etches probes for neurological researches using electro-chemical etching technology. There’s no similar unit in the market currently so this unit can help these kind of researches.

The unit consist a switching mode power supply for voltage reduction, an H-bridge to generate bipolar etching waves and the control unit that controls all the other parts including a motorized lab jack. All these parts working together to produce an output waveform designed by electro-chemical etching experts is the key to the neurological probe manufacturing process as the first step is to make the dull metal threads sharp.

The finale unit is not perfect but it can perform the main task that is designed for. It’s price for the functionality is great and it can make the desired electrode profiles. The experience from designing, building and debugging the unit is priceless and I learned a lot from it. All the errors that I made and fixed is a positive feedback for me.

The device and the architecture is proved itself so a better and improved version will be designed and build for daily use in our lab in the future.


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