Developing distributed applications on Ethereum platform

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Present day users of the Internet use various free-to-use centrally operated web applications

on a daily basis. These applications are free in the sense of not having to pay a traditional

fee for their use, although users often pay the operating parties with their personal data,

sometimes even without their knowledge. Often the use of these services require us to

present some of our vulnerable personal data knowingly too. This poses several possible

problems, for example we have to trust a central organization with handling our vulnerable

personal data correctly and righteously.

Because of these problems, nowadays fields in research and development concerning

preserving privacy and personal data are popular. Distributed systems are one of these

fields for example. Opposed to using a central service using of distributed systems does not

rely on a central application developed and operated by a central organization, rather we

depend on a network, which we are also part of.

The Ethereum platform is a blockchain based distributed system, it is a successor of Bitcoin

and other similar cryptocurrencies. The main feature of Ethereum is running a virtual

machine on top of its network utilizing the blockchain technology. This virtual machine is

ran by the peers of the network. In my thesis, I examine distributed applications, that are

run on this virtual machine, I also compare these distributed applications with traditional

web applications. The developers of Ethereum platform say that this technology can be the

base for the Internet of the future. During my work I will evaluate and judge this brave



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