Integrated monitoring system of a distributed testbed

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Dr. Simon Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Integrated monitoring system of divided test network

The divided test networks mean a big help in the research of the communication between the connections of senor and machine-machine. By the penetration of the android capable smart phones, IP communication network can be set up on low cost, on which we can easily analyse the realisations of the algorithms. The evaluation of such tests is difficult unlike the simulation of the network because events recorded on the several devices have to be collected.

During the degree work, the monitoring system of this test network has to be designed and realised. On a central unit of the monitoring system, the status of the nodes of the test network has to be presented. The other task of the monitoring system is that the events can be tracked by its help, in order to debug the system.

The tasks of the student:

• To study the test networks by using the smart phones and the demands of the divided systems on monitoring.

• To specify a monitoring system suiting the requirements of the department's test network.

• To design and to realise the system based on the previous specification.

• To test and evaluate the ready system. To document his work point for point.


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