Distibuted race track control to RobonAUT 2012 contest

OData support
Varga Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The competition called RobonAUT is Department of Automation And Applied Informatics's own competition, which students from Master of

Science course can attend to. Teams can take part in the competition with their own robots. These machines were models getting by on

ground due to the rules. Measurement of time formed a major part in previous competitions, which people measured manually, furthermore

they had to look out for the crossing of robots through the checkpoints.

The purpose of this thesis is to introduce a track control system that can replace solutions that came before. The system senses

crossing with the help of additional circuits called checkpoints. These parts measure time, which they send to the main unit for

additional processing. Communication uses bus topology between the circuits with an implemented protocol. Users can access the system

through a traditional wire based channel or they can use a wireless one. Furthermore one can directly interface the system through a menu.


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