Development of a Wireless Mesh Network

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Varga Lajos
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

In today’s wireless communications the radio link connects directly the sender and the receiver. In my thesis I investigate the distributed wireless networks, which may provide better wireless communication performance through indirect wireless connection between the communicating parties.

This method provides benefits for fixed-to-mobile connections (e.g. mobile phone and base station) as well as for mobile-to-mobile connections (e.g. PMR radios). The core concept of distributed wireless mesh networks is the ability to transport data without any central supervision, without control nodes in the mesh. The radio devices are sending data in a self-organizing manner. This method enables more coverage for fixed stations with the help of the connected devices, which share their connection with others. In case of a mobile-to-mobile connection, a distributed network enables the communication for the sender and the receiver even if they have no direct radio link -with the help of a third node. Furthermore, the ability to choose between the long range direct and short range indirect link enables new interference handling strategies.

This thesis serves an overview about distributed wireless networks and presents today’s usage of them. For the investigation of these networks I designed and built a hardware device. As part of this task I selected the appropriate parts, designed the schematic diagram and printed circuit layout, built it and performed measurements on the finished unit. I also developed embedded software, so I got some insight into microcontroller programming. With the help of the built-in radio chip I established wireless data connection between the hardware units and managed to realize a basic distributed network.

During the developments I have acquired some deeper theoretical knowledge and practical experience about distributed wireless networks. With the analysis of these networks I have broadened my knowledge about modern telecommunication solutions.


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