Desing of electric network and lightning protection in a building

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This final project was born thanks to the introduction of high voltage specialization during my earlier studies, where lightning got me really excited. Getting known the physiological effects of lightning brought the excitement about the protection against these effects, and protection of buildings and its inhabitants from these effects. In my project I will go through the lightning protection design process, and the designing protection against voltage surge, which is in connection with the design of the power supply network. First, I will review the characteristics of lightning, how do they arise, what are their effects, then I will advert to the steps of protection design. During the investigation of designing the lightning protection, I will examine the risk of loss of human life (the risk of losing cultural heritage and risk of losing service are not topic of this project). I will evaluate the risk, and with this data taken into consideration, I will review the possibilities of protection measures. Lastly, I will inspect the surge protection in a flat inside the house, and its connection with the power supply system. When designing the power supply of a flat, one shall take many standards into consideration. All of these standards deal with different areas of the electrical power systems, which I have to use together during the design process.


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