Building an ergonomic filemanager on .NET platform

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My work is about the extension of an existing file manager application. The main design of the application was inspired by the famous and wide spread Total Commander, and it has been implemented in WPF platform under the .NET framework. The new feature of this file manager is that, it is built up by plugins. All of the features of this software are served by a certain plugin that can be replaced by an other at any time without rebuilding the whole application.

My task was to modify the components of the software to implement file partition and reassembling, creation of a zip archive , folder creation, tree view, Google Drive support, copy-paste and drag n drop functionality, so that the application will be able to copy and paste files in interaction with outer sources or targets (other tasks). The copy-paste functionality also has to work when both of the source and the target are located within the file manager application.

In the first section of my thesis I will introduce the parts of the software I got from the previous developers, then I will write about the background of the functionalities I have to implement and the modifications I made on the code.


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