Developing a web application for searching events using Spring, Android and Angular

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In everyday life it is more and more important to schedule our time effectively, to spend our free time with relaxing, entertaining and useful activities.

The goal of the thesis is designing and implementing a software which is able to provide a solution for the problem mentioned above. The software consists of a server back-end, a web application and an Android application communicating with the server. The application allows users to list events filtered by multiple properties, like start and end date, distance or event category. It is also possible to create, modify or delete events on the website. The detailed view and the map is available both in the web application and in the Android application. The latter also provides a calendar view of the events.

I designed and developed thy system using Spring Framework. The development consists of designing the architecture and the layers like the data storage, the domain logic or the presentation layer. I also developed the Android application myself. I created integration tests for the software focusing on the data storage layer.

After a short introduction my thesis describes the designing process of the architecture and the layers, and the decisions made during the designing process as well. After that, the problems and their solutions are introduced which I faced during the implementation and the most interesting tasks are described in detail. Finally it presents the tests created for the software, a short summary about the project and the future possibilites for development.


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