Development of FPGA-based lab system for subject 'Digital electronics'

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Dr. Glöckner György
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The laboratory measurements of subject "Digital electronics" in BSc Mechatronics Engineering are based on SSI and MSI boards. The students connect the boards to realize the required functions and check the operation with an interface board. The subject of this Final Project is to develop concepts to replace the SSI and MSI boards with an FPGA based system.

The first chapter focuses on the theoretical background of the project: the different programmable logic devices, the HDL languages, e.g. Verilog and VHDL, and development software (ISE, Vivado) are discussed.

In the next chapter an FPGA is selected for the project and different concepts for the interface board are presented. At the end of the chapter a complete assembly is displayed, which can be used for the measurements.

After the assembly is realized, the VHDL code for the laboratory tasks is written in Xilinx ISE and a LabVIEW program is made, which allows the students to easily select the required circuit and program the FPGA.

In the final chapter the testing of the system is presented. First the VHDL code is tested in ISIM simulator, when the correct operation is confirmed the device is programmed and tested with the interface board.


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