Further development of an implementation-backlog tracking and inventory system

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In this paper I will describe my work in further developing an existing application at Nokia Solutions and Networks. This tool is called Tool BackLog, as it is a development backlog handlig software designed to run on an intranet website. The changes include new features, major and a minor improvements.

Access Control was the first improvement. A complete redesign made it more simple to use, and unified across the pages.

The Index page loading was very slow, sometimes freezing on slower machines. It was completely redesigned to a new AJAX enabled page, where (most of) the load is on the server, not on the client. This made the page load way faster, and it got easier to use.

I created a new Notification System, which is easy to expand, supports e-mail templates which can be assigned to events. Messages are sent based on the triggered event’s settings, and user preferences.

A brand new feature to automatically generate and send a Release Note (report of completed prontos) at every months’ first day. These messages are sent to Release Owners, Requestors, users marked as Other Interest and Admins.

The minor improvements include some modifications in the database structure, unifying the coding style, commenting (PHP-Doc), AJAX loading indicator, new menu and layout changes, even more AJAX features to enchance user experience and a new configuration file, which hold a few persistent settings for the site.


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