Mobile network optimization based on user mobility and link capacity information

OData support
Dr. Vida Rolland
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The number of wireless devices with 3G and / or 4G connectivity recently has increased. Due to their capabilities these devices usually generate huge traffic. In parallel, the amount of users using wireless devices to watch videos increased respectively. For these reasons it seems reasonable and necessary to create and use methods that are able to adapt seamlessly to the varying network circumstances based on the number of users and the amount of traffic.

This thesis focuses on optimisation architectures that are capable of taking intervening steps on the basis of network and user parameters. The thesis presents a method that takes into account the wireless network's available capacity and the users' mobility information to instruct the video players to decrease the quality of the played videos in order to avoid interruptions and waiting. The functional modifications and extensions to a previously developed LTE simulator are described along with the run tests and results of the method.


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