Mobile Network Optimization for Video Traffic based on User Preferences

OData support
Dr. Vida Rolland
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

A large fraction of mobile data is made up from video traffic. In wireless networks the available bandwidth can be a bottleneck for interruption free and high quality video streaming in achieving satisfactory user experience. For these reasons it seems reasonable and necessary to create and use methods that are able to avoid and/or handle bandwidth problems by the mutual cooperation of users and the network.

This thesis focuses on an optimisation method where the user gives feedback to the network, and the network schedules the available bandwidth based on those feedbacks. The incentivizing nature of the method comes from its ability to avoid false feedbacks. The thesis presents a method where the users indicate the needs for extra resources for interruption free video playback based on the buffer size and video representation or the willingness to give up resources for the sake for other users. The functional modifications and extensions to an available and previously developed LTE network simulator are described alongside with the run measurements and results of the method.


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