Remote control of camera

OData support
Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Thanks to the perpetually developing technology and decreasing prices, the digital single-lens reflex cameras are becoming more and more widespread, not only among professionals but amateur users as well.

However, while the leading manufacturers put new bodies and lenses on the market year by year, the same companies put much less effort into the developing of creative accessories. This is especially true concerning the wireless, programmable, remote controllers, which are disproportionally expensive, and their usability is often far from the expectations of the users.

As I was working on my thesis – I looked into the potential remote control methods of the Canon cameras, and I managed to develop a wireless remote trigger system which has a much better price–value rate than the available products on market. What’s more my device includes many more features yet to be implemented, which could result unique performance.

The remote control module which is physically connected to the camera includes an autonomic microcontroller unit which can be programmed to take time lapse photo sequence, and can be used as a regular wireless controller as well. The user utilizes the services of the remote trigger system and thus the camera by his Bluetooth capable Smartphone. The Android based software to the device is currently being developed.


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