Designing and Developing Physical Engine based Android application

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Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Mobile devices running modern operation systems became greatly advanced and popular and they are becoming available for more and more people. We are using them every day for things like e-mailing, browsing and gaming. One of the most popular utilization of these devices is to run advanced video games.

The advanced, sometimes multi-core CPU, the powerful GPU and lots of RAM which features became more and more typical amongst these devices open up new possibilities on these platforms. These parameters combined with advanced mobile operation systems allow mobile devices to run applications of such complexity we have only seen on desktop computers before.

It is not rare for modern mobile games to utilize a physics engine to move the objects in the game, animation based on accurate physics simulation can greatly improve user experience. A physics engine in such game is capable of delivering accurate physics simulation for a video game while having low performance demands so any average device can run it in real-time.

In this thesis I revise the most popular physics engines of such use, take a look at the most popular games on the market utilizing these engines then I present the development of a complex, physics engine based application. The target platform of the application is Android which is one of the most popular mobile operation systems having about half of the whole smartphone market. The developed application uses advanced physics simulation and graphics so it can utilize a powerful mobile device of today.


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