Process control with Siemens S7 1200 PLC

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

An essential part of the engineering courses is to give the possibility to the students to get familiar with the main industrial processes during their education. However the equipment to demonstrate these processes is often limited. By designing and producing a unit in accordance with the needs and wills of the departments, the desired processes can be demonstrated even between laboratory conditions. The students have to face real industrial challenges by programming these units. Finding solutions for these tasks means a lot of practical experience to them. The program they have written is not only simulated, but it influences the behavior of a real machine.

In accordance with the thoughts above the aim of this project is to make a model which is capable of demonstrating industrial processes between laboratory conditions. The diploma thesis introduces the steps of designing and producing a production line, which is thought to be the best choice to demonstrate the processes mentioned above. During labor such points of view have to be taken into consideration as transportability and easy installation, because the machine may be exhibited by the department for demonstrational purposes in the future.

In the document the programmable logic controllers are introduced first, which are commonly used in industrial process control applications. Then the production lines are introduced, as the best way to visualize the industrial processes. It is followed by the description of the CAD based mechanical design and the production. The next chapter is about the electric circuits of the system, and then the PLC program is introduced. The thesis ends with the summary of the project, and gives some development ideas for future work.


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