Developing a Formula-One application on Windows Phone platform

OData support
Fekete Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Smart phones have become very popular globally during the past few years and are rapidly integrating into our everyday lives.

The four most well-known platforms on the smart phone market are the Android, iOS, Blackberry OS developed by RIM and the Windows Phone. Regardless of the latter one being a recent product, both its popularity and number of softwares show dynamic growth. The overall popularity of the platform is further proven true by the over 100.000 programs available on the mobile phone market.

The goal of my thesis was to get to know and present the acquired knowledge on the new platform. In the first part of the document I present the platform itself and all the technologies (including XAML, WCF, Entity Framework, MSSQL Server) and architectural (MVVM) and constructional (Commanding, Binding) patterns that I used through the development process.

As a matter of fact, the number of Formula-1 race appliances is meager and there are several problems with their quality. Thus, other than getting to know the platform, my primary goal was to write a program that could counter those deficiencies. The purpose of this one is to convey the qualification rounds’ scores in real-time. For this, I used the public online .NET and API and using parts of these I ported it to the Windows Phone platform. Furthermore, the program, through the WCF service written by me, is able to access the data stored on MSSQL servers and display them with the help of XAML description language while keeping the architectural pattern. The program displays the following data: the current position of the pilots and their teams in the current Formula-1 season and the data of the upcoming race and racing tracks. The data is also frequently updated through the WCF application providing accurate information.


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