Implementing a football fan portal based on ASP.NET MVC5

OData support
Benedek Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Liverpool FC is one of the most popular football clubs all around the world and in Hungary. Despite of this fact, there are not any well-known and well-usable websites which are about this legendary football club in our country.

This fact gives the apropos of my thesis: My job is to create a web application based on the ASP.NET MVC5 framework. This website should be about Liverpool FC, and one of its main goals should be congregating hungarian LFC supporters.

The application consists of a public site and a protected administration site.

On the public site fans can read and comment news related to their favourite team, and can receive some information about the club’s fixtures and players. Moreover, they can also come to know other supporters.

The administration site can be used only by the administrators. After one log in to this site, he or she can edit the content of the public site, manage the registered users and do some similar activities.

In this thesis, I show the process of the development of this application, from detailed specifications (about requirements and use cases), to design, to implementation steps. Finally, I write about some improvement possibilities. This document has some pages about the technologies chosen and used by me.


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