Making GPS data collection

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The GPS system has undergone substantial development in the last decade. Today, GPS receivers for civil use offer an accuracy within 20-meters, which provides a very wide range of applications for the more and more cheap receivers. The receivers can be used for vehicle tracking systems, fleet management, geodesy, or even a game called geocaching. We may expect that, the GPS system will have more and more surprising areas of use, as the positioning accuracy increases in the near future.

The evolution of GSM networks went even more quickly, as we saw in the case of GPS. The world-wide network coverage today has reached 80%. The result of technological development and due to the competition between mobile service providers, the prices of mobile phones and subscriptions fell. The low-cost GSM modules for embedded systems appeared on the market, which are able to implement various functions according to the needs of the user.

In my MSc thesis I’m presenting a possible way of use of the GPS and GSM modules through the construction of a GPS data logger. The aim was to create a small sized device which can log the measured position information to a SD memory card, using a file system on it. In addition the currently measured data by the GPS module can be requested via the GSM network.

In the final part of the thesis I’m describing the firmware in detail and I’m making proposals for future developments.


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