GPS data logger microcontroller design

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

I have always loved hiking and cycling in nature, but at the and of the day I did not know how fast I was or how many kilometers I took. These days almost everybody has a device or mobile application. I needed one as well so I decided to implement a GPS data logger.

I use it as a logger but it also has a remote device to display the velocity. Although it is not part of the assignment, I put a temperature sensor in it as well for practical reasons.

My thesis presents the process from the designing through the implementation to the testing. I start with the hardver design and the first step is the block diagram where I clear what parts will be needed for the assignment. After that comes the selection of the actual electrical components and the considerations behind it. The next part is about the design of the schematic in details. I briefly touch on the implementation of the printed circuit board. Then comes the theoretical background of the software and after that the testing.

At the end of the thesis I assess my work and write about the development possibilities.


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